I’ve noted my frustrations in the past with Terry Ryan. He hasn’t really ever been successful with this organization ever since he came back on board. 18 seasons and only one playoff series victory. The twins have had 11 losing seasons out of those 18 as well. Time and time again ownership sang his praises, and time and time again we have been disappointed as a fan base. It’s extremely shocking but even more so that it comes 2 weeks before the deadline (not that the Twins have any assets that teams actually want).

As a matter of fact this is the closest I have felt to pure ecstasy. Is this what winning a championship feel like? It has to be, In my lifetime I’ve never seen a championship as all of you are aware of. The fan base has been calling for his head for years now. While the media sucked his dick and ownership did the same, this 33-58 start was the final straw. I am ecstatic that this asshole is finally out of my life. CUE THE MUSIC!