There is a time and a place to make your voice heard, and this has to be the absolute last place to do it. She says she doesn’t want to make this about herself and that we should all be worried about the victims, then completely makes it about herself. Hijack a Trump rally, hijack a conservative rally, I don’t care. But DO NOT hijack the mic at a vigil for the victims of the worst domestic terror event since 9/11. And you can hear people actually applaud her for doing it. What planet am I on? “Black Lives Matter” is a great cause. Yes there is “white priviledge” whether we decide to recognize it or not (recent Stanford rape case), yes there is police brutality, and many more issues involving race. But Black Lives Matter seems to always have issues of knowing when and where to speak.


She was right in one aspect, this Orlando vigil wasn’t about me or you, black or white, gay or straight, and the vigil was definitely not about white people’s attendance at this vigil and not “Black Lives Matter” events.   It was about uniting and coming together as human beings and U.S. citizens. Why can’t we get that through our heads? When a tragedy like this happens people react in different ways. Some say there is no wrong way to react,  that I would disagree. You can talk about guns and politics. You can talk about extremists and muslims, but the end of the day who is it really about?


Think about the very real situation that is going on with the families and friends of the victims. Think of the victims themselves. Fuck the guns and the politics. Our fellow citizens and human beings are morning right now because all lives matter. Somehow were at the point where we talk about Black vs White. This tragedy in no way translates into a cultural issue, but she had to take it there. This is exactly what these terrorists want. They want us to go after each other and segregate our citizens. They want us to get into pissing matches at these vigils that happen FAR too often. Do not let them make us puppets. If we do, they’ve already won.

We are the UNITED STATES of America. Let’s show the world that we won’t let terrorism bring us apart, but that we will UNITE together when we see our friends, family, and fellow citizens are in need.