Was looking forward to a great season this year, I even called us World Series contenders, that’s right, I called the 11-33 Minnesota Twins World Series contenders. I don’t think I could have been more wrong on every single one of my predictions. I don’t blame myself for that though, nobody saw them being this bad… They’re horrendous. The starting pitching is the worst in the league, the bullpen ranks among one of the worst in the league, the strikeout rate is the worst in the league, and they can’t put guys in when they’re in scoring position.


I’ll start with what the biggest problem has been. The Twins young prospects have performed astoundingly bad. Buxton, Sano, Rosario, Kepler, and Polanco have all had stints on the team this year and are all batting below .240, that is pathetic. And out of all those guys the only one still on the roster is Sano. Rosario, who played in over 120 of the Twins games last year, and was expected to be a major contributor this year, can’t seem to find his rhythm. He batted a measly .200 and struck out 31 times in 32 games before being sent back to Rochester. Sano had a slash line of .269/.385/.530 last season. This year his slash line is .226/.330/.406. How and why did all of these guys regress is a question that the Twins front office needs to decide.


jea 3162 home opener


The second biggest problem is the pathetic starting pitching we’ve seen from the Twins rotation this season. Ever since signing Nolasco to a $48 Million(!!!!!!!!!) contract his ERA has been 5.38 (2014), 6.75 (2015), 5.54 (2016) and he is still pitching on an MLB team? My question is what the actual fuck is Terry Ryan doing? (I’ll touch more on this later.) Phil Hughes leads the AL in losses with 7 and has an ERA of 5.55. Jose Berrios had and ERA over 10 before being sent back down to Rochester. Tyler Duffey and Ervin Santana have both been impressive, but the bullpen can never hold their leads. In fact the bullpen ranks 28th in the league with a 4.79 ERA. Kevin Jepsen remains as the closer even though he has a 5.89 ERA and parlays that with 3 saves in 6 tries.


Finally, we get into the front office and Terry Ryan.


The Twins Organization has recently stated that they are staying committed to Ryan. HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU STAY COMMITTED TO THIS GUY? I WANT TO BLOW MY FUCKING BRAINS OUT

It’s ridiculous, in what professional sport does a GM who’s been there for 18 seasons and has only won 1 PLAYOFF SERIES get away with this? 18 seasons, 1 playoff series win. It is unfathomable that he is still steering the ship. Throw him off the fucking plank Pohlad (Twins Owner). Please for the love of God get rid of this jackass.

The rest of my summer is going to stink, and I’m not going to have anything to watch. Please hurry September, so we can end this misery and I can watch football again.


One More Thing: If it didn’t get across, fuck you Terry Ryan.