I fucking loved Socker Boppers. Ya boy used to hand out concussions left and right. Oh you want a KO, you get a KO. Was that you talking shit? Boom KO. You’re just sitting there minding your own business? Here’s one serving of CTE.  I remember I used to go up to my sisters room walk in and just whack her upside the head with these bad boys. She would cry and go tell on me to my mom  (pussy) and I would have to give up my Socker Boppers for the next month. Pretty positive I have permanent brain damage from Socker Bopper fights with the neighborhood bros. Nothing like a bunch of guys being dudes. Drinking some Mountain Dew, having fight night in the basement, and giving each other concussions. Good times all around.



One More Thing: I wonder if I could have a civil suit on my hands right here. The PC crowd today would totally be down for it right? I can see the OTL report coming out tomorrow “Just A Kids Boxing Toy? No Socker Boppers Give Children CTE”. I think I just made us millions