jea 1700 spring training Tue 03-03 -Staff


We suck, but this helps a little. I’m very excited to see what Jose can do in the Big Leagues. He’s dominated the minors the last 4 years, but as we’ve seen with Buxton, dominating the minors doesn’t always translate to the Majors. I think Jose definitely has the stuff to dominate though. Plus, by waiting 24 days, the Twins ensured that Berrios isn’t a “full service player” so we get an extra year out of him (a lot like Kris Bryant with the cubs last year).



The curveball at :45 seconds is absolutely disgusting.


I didn’t really comment on Buxton and Kepler getting sent down yesterday (busy with studying), but I think it’s a good thing. They both need to regain some confidence and like I said before, Buxton has been a dominant minor league player. Kepler has too, winning AA Southern League player of the year last year. Both just need a little bit more time on the offensive side of the ball. They’re excellent defenders already, but for obvious reasons they just aren’t ready for the Bigs yet.