Super Soakers were some of the best childhood toys we had, but nothing was better than the Super Soaker Oozinator. Go around back and have a nice little goo fight.



Sneaky one of the funniest commercials of all time. Watching those kids get shot with “ooz” never gets old. The kids face at :09 seconds is priceless, I have a few questions that I would love for somebody to answer.

1) How do they cast these people? I imagine the director being like, “Hey you’re going to take a cum shot to the face in this commercial, don’t worry it’s a toy for children.” I still can’t believe this made the air, and was on Nick Jr. and Disney. Never fails to make me piss myself.

2) Did anybody actually buy this? Because that shit is DISGUSTING.

3) Why did they think this idea would work? Upper management and marketing team were, without a doubt, playing one big joke. I refuse to believe that they thought the Oozinatior would be profitable whatsoever.


Might have to cop one of these bad boys and walk around campus casually shooting people with goo.