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The journey to college for a high-school-age waitress will be a little easier thanks to the generosity of a diner who left her a $1,000 tip.

Alesha Palmer, 18, was working at Vetoni’s Italian Restaurant in Gun Barrel City, Texas, on Saturday when she said she began talking about her college plans with a couple seated at one of her tables.

Unbeknownst to Palmer, a man dining alone at the table next to the couple would become her anonymous benefactor.

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When the man went to pay his $9.60 tab, he spoke to the restaurant’s owner and told him he wanted to help Palmer with college. The owner then showed the receipt — which included the $1,000 tip — to Palmer.

When the owner showed her the ticket with the $1,000 tip, Palmer froze.

“We were at the hostess stand and the guy had just walked out and I said, ‘Mike, did I do something wrong?,'” Palmer told ABC News, referring to the restaurant’s owner. “He said, ‘I wish I knew that man’s name. This is a first.'”

“I started tearing up. I was completely in shock,” she said. “No one in the kitchen believed us so we had to show them the ticket.”

Palmer says she normally receives tips in the range of $10 to $20. The largest tip she’d ever received prior to this was a $35 tip on a large birthday party.

“I didn’t really have a conversation with him besides our bread, because we’re most known for our bread knots,” Palmer said of the diner.

Palmer, a high school senior, said she plans to attend Tyler Junior College next year and eventually transfer to a culinary arts school and open her own pastry shop.

“I started waitressing to help start putting money towards my education, towards my books and to live off of,” Palmer said. “I’ve already processed the tip into my savings account.”

(Via Yahoo)


Drumroll please……………… And for the 10 billionth time this year we have a story about a server getting a huge tip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How many of these do we have to see this same story until someone says it? I guess I’ll be that guy. This girl can fuck right off. Nobody cares about your stupid $1,000 tip on a stupid $9 check from an anonymous person***. First of all think of something original bro. Leave an anonymous dick pic, or a pic of a fake butt with your arm. Now that would get the PC crowd going. That would be a story worth writing. Not this same story over and over. Think of something new for me one time Yahoo.


The “oh this can’t happen to me”, and “no way in a small town did this just happen.” I mean come on chick, get over it. You made a 1000 bucks woo hoo. Keep it to yourself, and Yahoo stop making these things national news. But seriously, HOW THE FUCK DO PEOPLE KEEP READING THIS STUPID STORY OVER AND OVER AND HOW IS IT THE COVER PAGE OF YAHOO? Show some goddamn self-respect.


Hey, Alesha Plammer



PS:  Who the hell wants to go to culinary school? That seems like a terrible career path, but hey, you do you girl. Won’t be seeing much return on that $1000 investment. And can we address the biggest line of bull shit of this whole ordeal, “I’ve already processed the tip into my savings account.” Get out of here. You’re spending it on a shopping spree or some trip or something stupid that 18-24 year olds spend money on (myself included). So no you aren’t investing that money for your stupid culinary school.


***I may be a little jealous of these people that get these tips


I mean just click this link and see how many of these stories there are.