It was a good season fellas… Forcing 5 year old kids to chant let’s go wild is the last thing I wanted to see when down 2-0 in the series. I mean does it get anymore desperate than that. I can imagine one of these dumbass interns saying, “Hey guys chant ‘let’s go wild’ so I can put it on our Twitter page and it won’t look like we’re terrified at all.” The Stars can’t wait to crush these kids and the Wild. Tyler Seguin is licking his chops. Zach Parise is curled up in a ball, about to die from back pain. I’d give us a 0.5% chance to win the series at this point. #WeNeedAMiracle


PS: If you couldn’t tell black peopleĀ don’t give a shit about hockey, look at them. One kid is closing his ears, the other looks like he is getting strangled by his buddy, and the black girl is giving a sympathy clap. She’s has the *I know you suck, but I feel bad for you* clap going on.

PSS: I’m terrified of this age group.