April, the best time of the year. We got playoff basketball, some baseball, and playoff hockey. But since the Timberwolves are still building and the Twins fucking blow, so all I have left is some Minny hockey.


Welp, we may need a miracle for us to win this opening series against the Stars. Dallas is one of the most explosive offensive teams in the NHL. Dubnyk has been struggling as of late. The team limped extremely hard into the playoffs (lucky that the Avalanche handed us the 2WC spot). Parise out for at least the first two games and most likely the playoffs. Reports that he may require back surgery. Nothing is looking up for us wild fans. And that is why I LOVE our chances. Nobody gave the 1980 U.S.A. olympic team a shot, nobody thought Kobe would drop 60 pts in his final game, nobody thought Jordan Spieth would lose a 5 stroke lead with 9 holes to go, nobody thought the Twins would start the season 0-8 (zero and fucking eight), nobody thought that Ciara and Russell Wilson would ever have sex, but here we are.


So what I say is laugh, laugh all you fucking want, but when Mikko Koivu hoisting the Cup I’ll be sipping my tea. Just one fucking time in my life win something guys, I’ve had a rough couple months. When you play the game of thrones you either win, or die (I’ve died a billion times in my life already, you get over it eventually, but not really).


Roll Wild Baby



Fuck the Blackhawks