This fucking guy… Charlie Coyle lays his ass out, then what does Keith do? He decides to spear him in the face.


That has attempted murder written all over it. If I were the Minneapolis / Minnesota state police department there would be no question I would indict Keith immediately. He actually tried to murder him, the proof is in the pudding. This isn’t even his first time spearing someone in the face. Back in 2013 he did the same thing (not as aggressive) to Jeff Carter.


Duncan Keith should rot in a jail cell for at least a few years, preferably life. In reality he will get another slap on the wrist 5 game suspension, basically helping him be more fresh for the playoffs. And you want to know why that is? Because this dude plays for the Blackhawks, and they are known for their “integrity” on and off the ice.



Psst. . . The wild are on a sneaky 6 game win streak and closing in on the second WC spot, 5 pts ahead of the Avalanche. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT  let them stay hot for the playoffs. Also, It feels so fucking good to go 5-0-0 against the Blackhawks this year.