Slowly but surely we are approaching baseball season. Spring ball is about to start up, and we are going to get our first glimpse at the future. That future is very bright for the Twins. Byron Buxton lost his top spot to Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager, but Buxton does stay at No. 2 although he had a pretty disappointing short stint with the Twins last year. I hope to God this guy can find his swing in the majors because he is so talented. This is the type of potential this guy has.


Turns what should be a double into a very easy standup triple.


He threw a 90 mph dart to home, he is a 5 tool player and has the ability to be one of the best players in baseball if he can find his stride.


Other Twins on the list include: Jose Berrios (19), Max Kepler (44), Tyler Jay (60), Nick Gordon (91), and Jorge Polanco (97). The player the Twins need to perform the most is without a doubt, Jose Berrios. He needs to be that No. 1 starter for us this year. Our pitching is okay at best. We need Berrios to come in and perform with some of the AL Central’s top pitchers. Detroit went out in free agency and nabbed a few really good players including Zimmerman to head their rotation. Berrios has to perform at an elite level if the Twins want to be contenders this year.


Kepler and Polanco are pretty close to being pulled up. I would definitely say that Polanco has a much better chance at seeing significant time in the majors this year. He made a few appearances last year with the twins, batting .300 in 10 at bats. Hopefully Polanco can solidify himself as the everyday shortstop, a position that is always fluctuating with Escobar and Nunez. Nick Gordon and Tyler Jay are still very early in the developmental stages of their career’s. Nick Gordon, brother of Dee Gordon, has shown some flashes of greatness, especially on the defensive side of the ball. He has the strong arm and glove to be an elite player on defense. Tyler Jay our No. 1 choice out of Illinois in the draft last year is a very highly touted prospect. Struggled at the very start of his professional career, but found his stride at the end of the season.


All of that being said, I still haven’t mentioned the Twins best young star and the best power hitting young star in the game, Miguel Sano. I’m going to say that he will have the most RBI’s in the AL this year, wouldn’t be surprised if the dude hit 80 HR’s, he’s that good. It might be a bit of a learning curve with Right Field, but his lack of defense will be more than made up for on the offensive side of the ball. We’re basically in the same boat as the Cubs with Schwarber. The reason he is playing Right Field is to make room for our new shiny signing from Korea, Byung-Ho Park. In all honesty he’s a huge question mark, but the plan is for him to be a big help in the middle of the batting order. Time will tell with these guys, but the future is bright.